Thursday, February 18, 2010

How to find foreclosures

The earlier you can find a home owner the less competition you have and the better service you can give the home owner. This why you should aim at locating home owners in financial trouble way before their case id filed in court. Here are few ways to find foreclosures:

  1. Read the classified ads on a daily basis to locate people who may be behind on their payments and are motivated to sell their property. Look for words such as “owner motivated” or “immediate possession.” After some practice at this, you’ll be able to sense a good bargain and be able to work with people who are in the early stages of foreclosure.
  2. Put you own classified ad. Use ads the start with “Cannot pay the mortgage? We can help!” or “Facing foreclosure? Let us help!”
  3. Use a list service. You can find companies that sell lists of foreclosures cases that were recently filed in court.. Investors may buy these lists in an attempt to reduce or eliminate the more tedious ways of finding foreclosures. One such list in BC is provided by

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